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2014-10-26 02:30 pm
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yuletide letter

Dear Author,

Hi! Thank you so much writing! This is my first year doing yuletide and I am super excited and know I will love what you write! ♥

I don’t really have any fandom specific prompts. I’m pretty easy to please fic wise! Generally speaking I prefer more character or action based genfic to pairing/romance type fics. I love stories that feature strong friendships and/or found families.

Continuum – Sonya Valentine, Jasmine Garza, Lukas Ingram, Alec Sadler

I LOVE this show!! The show has so many elements that I love. Please feel free to use any combination of the requested characters or to add in any un-nominated characters.

These four – Sonya, Jasmine, Lukas and Alec – are among my favorites (with Betty and Travis rounding out the list). The Jasmine/Alec relationship is very intriguing to me and would to see fic that explores that. Generally, I’d be happy with anything that explored the ramifications of the changed timeline and how the characters deal with the now unknown future.

H20: Just Add Water

One of my guilty pleasure shows! I adore everything about this show and the characters. I’d love fic that explores their relationships with each more, either set in the present or in the future, or about them dealing with the day to day complications being a mermaid may or may not add to their lives

Dance Academy


I love ALL the characters on this show. I honestly don’t think I could pick a favorite character. Please feel free to add any of the un-nominated characters if you so desire!

I adore Abigail. I love that she tries so hard to appear emotionless and consistently fails at it. I was so happy to see her open up in the third season and start to explore other options even as she held on to the dream on joining the company. I love that she pushes the others (Tara dancing the Red Shoes, Christian when he returns to 3rd yr) when they need it. I’d love watching her learn that dancing is about more than just being better than your competition.

I’d be happy with fic set in either canon time or in the future.
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2013-06-22 07:51 am

fic: leaving to stay

leaving to stay
Infinite, Sungyeol, PG, 2460 words

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2013-01-13 07:55 am

fic: hyelim and the cheer squad captain

Hyelim and the Cheer Squad Captain
Hello Venus, Lime/Nara, G, 3,380 words

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2012-11-27 02:11 pm

fic: we're moving on & we can't slow down

we're moving on & we can't slow down
co-written with [ profile] staypainted
Nu'est, gen, G, 2770 words

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2012-11-27 01:59 pm

fic: weekend in bed

Weekend in Bed
Infinite, Myungsoo/Sungyeol, R, 919 words

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